Facade of the Hall Interior Writing Desk

Bamburgh Hall Farm is in the centre of Bamburgh village. It is exactly next to the very large church, and on the same side of the road. It has a large private tarmaced parking area, right beside it.

Barbara and Charles Baker-Cresswell have been farming here for more than 40 years - and have opened their home to bed and breakfasters for the last 8. They have hundreds of testimonials from satisfied guests.

De tous les bons moments passés ici, je retiendrai les fins d'après-midi au coin du feu... amicalement."

- Régine of Paris

"From the welcoming cakes to the loan of your dog for the walk you couldn't have made us feel more welcome."

- Sue from Derby

"Do NOT (command, request or plea!) change anything except, of course the linen on the usual renewal basis. Change is almost always for the worse and improvement ALWAYS for the worse"
- Carol

"I will always remember our winter night spent in this wonderful hall, filled with history and unrivalled hospitality. Thank you."
- Emma, California

"Perfectly calibrated hospitality. Even the rooster sings on time."
- Tim from London

"Warm, welcoming and comfortable. Addendum - superb breakfast."